A Simple Vacuuming Solution To Help You Combat Allergies

The Hoover Linx is currently one of the top performers that offers the added convenience of being a cordless upright. Dust allergies are quite common and the right upright can really help in this regard.Coming with intuitive power controls, powered brushroll and edge cleaning bristles, the performance of this upright vacuum from Hoover is comparable to that of many best sellers’, providing a great quality to price ratio.

The unit is powered by an interchangeable 18-volt Li-Ion battery that ensures users will have plenty of worry free power while cleaning. So no plugging, unplugging or replugging is necessary, It is also easily adaptable to several types of surfaces, ranging from carpets to hardwood floors, reaching areas that are normally difficult to vacuum. With an Energy Star battery charger, this vacuum cleaner is certainly a great option for customers who are looking for efficiency and usability in the same unit.

Product Features

Brushroll with WindTunnel Technology: The Linx model comes with a powered brush roll that features Hoover’s WindTunnel 3 technology. This uses three channels of air flow to ensure effective cleaning. The vacuum cleaner can deeply penetrate into your carpets and other porous surfaces (such as upholstery), removing pet hair, dust and dirt as well.

Edge Cleaning Bristles: Much to customers’ delight, the Hoover Linx is equipped with edge cleaning bristles that will give you closer access to corners and walls, which are typically difficult to reach and clean. As a result, you will never find yourself in the position of having to use brushes or other manual tools to clean those specific spots, making the vacuuming process simpler.

Wide Cleaning Path: When working on your floors and carpets, time is essential. This particular Hoover model comes with a larger head,, allowing you to absorb more dust and dirt and shorten the time that is necessary to accomplish vacuuming.

Bottom Release Dirt Cup: Like most high-quality bagless upright vacuums, this model allows you to release dirt gathered in the cup by simply pushing a button. This will be primarily advantageous due to the fact that you will never have to get your hands dirty when emptying the cup. Simply detach and dump into the trash.

What Owners Like About It

This upright vacuum has received high marks from owners who are very pleased with its performance and wide array of features. Some of the favorite aspects of this machine that users really seem to like are:

Excellent Cleaning Performance: The primary and most important aspect customers liked about this vacuum was its excellent cleaner performance. The BH50010 performs extremely well with bare floors and carpets alike due to its multi-functional on/off powered brushroll, offering customers versatility and excellence in a single unit.

Enhanced Usability: Owners really seem to respond to the cordless convenience and power that the battery provides. Very lightweight, the design of this unit is simple and usable, providing and ergonomic experience.

Easy to Empty Dust Cup: Users like how this works. The dust cup in easy to detach, empty and reattach. This can be one of the more least pleasant parts of vacuuming, but owners found this part of the process to be pretty much straight forward and hassle-free, while also keeping their hands clean.

Accurate Battery Indicator: Due to the fact that this unit is battery-powered, knowing how much battery has left is important to thoroughly cleaning your floors and carpets. The Linx will instantly indicate battery life, so you can know whether the unit needs to be recharged, or if you can continue to vacuum your home without worries.

What Could Be Better?

Desire for Longer Battery Life: One of the most common concerns customers had after purchasing the Hoover Linx was the battery life of the unit. Apparently, you will not be able to clean more than two medium-sized rooms at a time, because the battery will go dead and you will need to recharge it. One of the drawbacks of going cordless is that batteries do eventually run out.

Weaker Suction: Some users were not that happy with the overall suction power as compared to other upright models or canisters. Cordless models typically do not fully measure up to corded units when it comes to power. Unfortunately, this may be one of the trade-offs to being more convenient.

Other Options

Those looking for a true powerhouse that is capable of handling large rooms, deep pile carpet or extreme pet hair may be better served with another upright. The Oreck XL Insight or the Hoover WindTunnel 3 may be better choices in this instance. If, however, you need something more hands free than we suggest a robotic model. KindGreenPlanet robot vacuum reviews showcase some of the modern options that have a lot to offer us lazy folks, but they come at a much higher price point.

Bottom Line

The Hoover Linx offers supreme convenience when it comes to vacuuming carpets and hard surfaces. This unit is one of the more popular models being sold on online retail sites and for everything that it offers, it comes in at a pretty nice value. It continues to receive very high ratings from customers and averages in the mid 4’s out of 5 stars.